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Our mission is to provide students like you who are writing the NPLEX examination with the tools we wish we had when we were studying. 

Not so long ago we started out as one-on-one tutors and realized a lot of students had the same concerns: how to study efficiently. This meant no one wanted to study more than they had to, but everyone wanted to pass the exam the first time around.

Everyone wanted to save time and money.
So we created NPLEX Crunch to save you both.
It takes time and effort to create a program that not only covers the basics, but goes into depth when necessary. We believe that listening to what our students want over the years has helped create an ever-evolving program thanks to the community of NPLEX takers that want to help one another. 
So we say THANK YOU!
Dr. Polina Kapoustina, ND

Can be found traveling Asia, exploring the city, or walking down a ravine when she's not seeing patients, writing her blog, or creating awesome content for NPLEX CRUNCH!

Every student goes

through the struggle.

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