1. How to study:

the proven strategies (including key prep before test day) 

2. Biochemistry

3. Immunology

4. Microbiology

5. MSK

6. Neurology

7. Cardiology

8. Pulmonary

9. Renal

10. Endocrine

12 hours of instant online video content

(all you need is a gmail address to access the YouTube videos)


1 hour BONUS Biochemistry webinar


1 hour BONUS Q & A webinar


Members-only Facebook group where you can ask your questions, get 1-on-1 replies from your classmates & see what other students are asking about !

The very best study strategies that make your life easier:)

NPLEX CRUNCH is for you if . . .​​
>> You want to pass NPLEX 1 the first time around
>> You want to feel more confident, knowing  what to expect and what to study
>> You don't want to spend more time than you have to in order to pass, studying stuff that you really don't need to
>> You want to enjoy your summer doing things for yourself rather than memorizing things simply to regurgitate them back​ for a mark

​Don't get behind with all of your resources and other course material-- let us make it clear for you

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We have an important (and exciting) UPDATE  to share....


Let us help you SUCCEED the first time around!

Are you writing NPLEX 1 this upcoming February or August?

As it stands now, we here at NPLEX CRUNCH are in the process of completely revamping our course to provide students with even more value, high-yield info and an easy-to-understand format for better learning :)

This overhaul of NPLEX CRUNCH will be ready for Summer 2018 (its a big undertaking for us, and we want to do it right thanks to all of the feedback we've received over the past 4 years!)

Since many students still want our support for 2017 we are happy to offer access to last year’s video course material and our private Facebook group for support :)



If you're not happy, we're not happy.

We will gladly refund your money if NPLEX CRUNCH isn't super helpful this summer.

You get access to the course until the end of August. 

The Complete Online Video Package

Who is it for:
Those who want guidance to stay on track, avoid common mistakes by understanding difficult concepts in a focused coaching environment-- watch (and re-watch) it all at YOUR own pace, to complement your studying and solidify only the highest yield concepts.

You get ...

All 10 modules

(12 hrs of video from our past live 2 day webinar)

BONUS 1 hr  Biochemistry webinar

(we go into detail only where you need to)

BONUS 1 hr Q & A webinar

(tough Qs and how to work through them)

Total course value = $297

You pay only $167